A Note from Dr. Chacho

baby2Patients often ask me why I chose the field that I did. I chose obstetrics and gynecology for two main reasons. First, in general it is an uplifting specialty. For the most part it deals with healthy patients during an exciting and happy part of their life. Second, it provides a unique combination of medicine and surgery, both of which I enjoy, not available in most other specialties.

I chose to specialize in reproductive endocrinology/infertility primarily for the technical expertise it requires. At the time of my training, microsurgery (on diseased tubes, etc.) was the mainstay of surgical treatment of infertility, and I enjoyed this very much.

Operative laparoscopy had already begun its rise and being at the forefront of this surgery, where operations that once required a major incision were now being done with “band-aide” surgery, was exciting. Invitro Fertilization was in its infancy.

As noted on this website, I was involved in producing the first Invitro Fertilization pregnancy (twins by the way) in Illinois. This technology has, of course, emerged as the dominant “high-tech” procedure in fertility therapy.

I chose to go into private practice because I enjoy working with people. At the time I completed my specialty training, virtually all reproductive endocrinologists went into research. As a result, the only place patients could get this level of expertise was at major centers where they became part of a clinic, being seen by various doctors whose main interests were academic.

I felt that this level of care should be available in a private practice setting and that patients should be able to develop a relationship with their Doctor. I therefore began and maintain a solo, private practice.

The most rewarding part of my specialty however, is the look on the face of a couple as I refer them to their obstetrician for prenatal care with a healthy pregnancy. This is the main reason I chose my specialty.