Other Services


While in training, Dr. Chacho authored an award-winning paper investigating the mechanisms by which endometriosis affects fertility. Since that time, he has maintained a particular interest in treating endometriosis both for infertility and pain relief. He specializes in microsurgery and laser laparoscopy for infertility patients. For pain treatment, he utilizes conservative approaches including medications and conservative surgical procedures as alternatives to hysterectomy.


Dr. Chacho specializes in the conservative treatment of uterine fibroids. He utilizes hysteroscopic surgery in which fibroids are removed from the inside of the uterus without incisions and myomectomy where fibroids are removed from the outside of the uterus. In some cases, medications can be used to completely avoid surgery.


As a certified reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Chacho specializes in the treatment of menopausal symptoms. If hormones are indicated, only natural ones are used which can be delivered by tablets, patches, sprays or creams. Each patient is given the information that she needs to make an educated decision about hormone therapy.

Other Hormonal Problems

Dr. Chacho also specializes in the treatment of other female hormonal problems, including PMS, recurrent miscarriage, hirsutism (unwanted hair growth), abnormal periods, premature puberty and delayed puberty. Wherever possible conservative approaches are used such as endometrial ablation rather than hysterectomy, to treat abnormal uterine bleeding.